GreatAlbum web Beta3

Created by Seema on 16-Feb-21
Updated by Seema on 22-Apr-21

This was our third release during the Private Beta.

 Global Nav/Sidebars

  • GA-762  Latest Content Block in Sidebar


  • GA-171  Album > User can Request to Join an Album listed in the All Albums Directory
  • GA-74  Albums View - Show Album Membership Status
  • GA-750  Album > Content Stream - sort sticky, then newest update to oldest update; include comments
  • GA-821  Albums - Exclude Unlisted Albums


  • GA-732  Google Photos - Create custom module, list albums, list/select media items


  • GA-169  Display {Content} > Media Block > View more link > Media View /node/{nid}/media -- Just for Individual Content Type and Image Media Type
  • GA-802  Story - body field should enable embedding of external images


  • GA-795  Newest Members Block in Right Sidebar


  • GA-806  Place - Enable place to be in more than one Group/Album

 Discussion/ Event/ Story

  • GA-808  Event, Story and Discussion - Enable event, story and discussion to be in more than one Group/Album


  • GA-672 Activity - On Add/Update Story, populate all ER field references
  • GA-804 Activity > Add/Update Image > Fix description
  • GA-805 Activity > Update Image > Activity never created


  • GA-593  Date (Event/Story/Media) - Ensure End Date >= Start Date
  • GA-731  Album > New Event - fix destination


  • GA-800  Home - Restyle 1-column content/comments

z DevOps

  • GA-490 Establish automated backup of DEV/LIVE environments for GreatAlbum, GreatSupport, GreatHome



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