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A Story is a way for a user to capture their perspective on what happened in an Event, or about an Individual or a Place. Usually, a Story gets linked to all of these other content types.

Add New Story

There are two main ways to create a story:

1. While viewing an Album, click the drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar and select Add Story. This will start a new story within the Album, but not linked to any other content type. 

Album Operations

2. Display a content item about which you want to write a Story, such as an Event, Individual, Place or even a Media item (photo/video). In the display of that content item, you'll see a block of related Stories and a button to create a New Story. Click that to create a new story. You'll notice when you do it will be prepopulated with a link back to that content item you were just viewing.

Add Story

For more information on the fields to complete while creating a new story, see the Add Story article.

Edit Existing Story

A story can be updated by anyone who is a member of the album to which the story belongs. The reason for this is so that members of an Album can collaborate on stories together, and are presumed to be able to trust each other when making updates.

Plus, there is an option to keep track of version history of a story, so you can always revert to a previous version if something got lost in an update. 

To edit a Story, click on the edit pencil icon in the top 

Display a Story


View Stories

There are several different ways to view lists of stories. Learn more in the Story Views article

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