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2020-12-06 GreatAlbum Update for Pioneer Incubator

Created by Kanistha Sawant on 06-Dec-20
Updated by Kanistha Sawant on 31-Jul-21

Quick reminder: what are you building, in a sentence?

  • GreatAlbum combines genealogy and social media, enabling people to celebrate loved ones through collaborative multimedia biographies.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

  • Started Beta2 sprint with 5-person team. Target 284 story points to complete in 2 weeks. Should have burned down to 150 by now, but still at 250. Completed DevOps session to consider moving from Pantheon to Docker. Completed (crashed) first pitch to angel investor.

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Get to 0 points remaining on Beta2 sprint. Implement key improvements:

  1. Import Google Photo Albums
  2. Share content in multiple GreatAlbums
  3. New content stream with better comment threading
  4. Shift Global Nav to (new) left sidebar
  5. Do 3 & 4 for Support site as well

What would you like feedback on from the community?

  • I know it's hard to appreciate the project and progress without seeing it. Let me know if you want beta access via link below

Project website

  • https://greatalbum.net/beta

Which of these best describes the stage of your project?

  • Privately testing with users

Feedback from Other Pioneers


Love the group of people you're targeting it will help you have a proof of concept on time and at the same time grow your kpis.

Every great product requires an exceptional team to execute. Why building the product, I would focused more on who come onboard as a team members and if they carry the vision that the CEO has.

Great companies are the reflection of the genuinty of their workers

You have my vote!


It's not that it's hard to appreciate the project without seeing it, but it's also hard to evaluate progress by just the number of features developed. You have a 5-person team, right? Can't you spare one person to run product validation? You could easily create a waiting list on Product Hunt's Ship that explains your value proposition better than your current beta page.


This is a good idea, I would like to see more about how it will works, before sign up.


i would say you can simply collect email addresses from your landing page for users to express interest in your beta program. currently, the google form is hard to find and is a few clicks away. it looks great, really - just asking if we need a form in the first place, and also is it effective when it's tucked away?


Cool idea! I would love to see a marketing polish on your website. It would also be great to have examples of other people's bios too! I wanna see what can be made. Like the square space website


I am unsure what your product does exactly but commend you on your progress. I would aim to improve your website to make it more professional as more users will be likely to sign-up if the website looks reliable. Good luck/


You're right it's hard to appreciate the project but it's also hard to want to be a part of it. I think it would be worth your time to build a simple landing page to explain the value proposition and capture interest and emails for your beta. Production always takes longer than expected. Use that time to capture as many emails as you can - you're going to need them. Good luck!

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