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Created by admin on 25-Sep-20
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Welcome to the Guide Book on how to use the GreatAlbum app. This guide is organized into topics that represent the main components of the site, and then articles that explain how to use the features under those topics.  See the list of topics in this Guide Book in the right side panel.


To get in the app, you have to Register on the site. Go to the User topic to see more on the different ways to complete registration with Email/Password, or social registrations with your Apple, Facebook or Google identity.

Build your Family Biography 

Do you have a family that is too busy living life's events to capture the memories? Are parents/kids taking so many pictures that it's hopeless to organize them? Let GreatAlbum become your AI-powered family biographer, capturing your events for you and organizing them in a shared Family Album and prompting you to add stories that highlight your experiences. Learn how in the Build your Family Biography topic.

Cheer Your Kid's Team

Want to capture the "life" of your kids' team over the course of games and seasons? Use a shared album that enables parents to chronicle team's events, with media, stories & discussions contributed by many parents, organized in ways that enable you to browse and even create playlists based on chronology, kinds of events, player, places, etc. Learn how in the Cheer Your Kid's Team topic.

Celebrate a Loved One

On the occasion of major life milestone of a loved one, help family & friends celebrate their loved one by contributing media and stories, organized into events and themes, that highlight the person's journey and impact the loved one has had on these people; in the process, strengthen the community around this loved one as they learn from and appreciate each other. Learn how in the Celebrate a Loved one topic.

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