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GreatAlbum Guide

Created by admin on 25-Sep-20
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Welcome to the Guide Book on how to use the GreatAlbum app. This guide is organized into topics that represent the main components of the site, and then articles that explain how to use the features under those topics.  See the list of topics in this Guide Book in the right side panel.

To get in the app, you have to Register on the site. Go to the User topic to see more on the different ways to complete registration with Email/Password, or social registrations with your Apple, Facebook or Google identity.

Once you've registered, then get started by creating your first Album and inviting family/friends to become Members. See details how to do this under the Album topic, including examples of the different kinds of albums you might want to create. 

Then you and other album members can start creating content for Events that have occurred, where they took place, who was there, media from the event and stories that people would like to share from their perspective. You'll find topics that cover all of this for Event, Story, Media, Individual, Place and Discussion

There are also help topics to explain the different ways you can browse and search all this content, including the All, My and Trending menus and Search functionality.

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