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2022-10-10 GreatAlbum Update for Pioneer Incubator

Created by Seema on 10-Oct-22
Updated by Seema on 10-Oct-22
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KPIs: Goals & results by October 31st

Weekly active users: 15 of 50
Number of media items: 36,057 of 50,000
Number of content items: 2,093 of 2,000

What are you building in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you share life as it happens and brings memories to back life

Here’s what you planned to do this week:

🏃‍♀️Release 0.2.2: Finish Sprint 9
▶️Groom sprints 13-14
🎬Complete 3rd of 6 help videos
💿Stan up new mySQL server
⚽Ramp up my son's soccer team with 10-20 users in a new album

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

📊Updated KPI charts/article https://bit.ly/3TbdKXL
🏃‍♀️Released 0.2.2: Deployed🙌
🏃‍♀️Sprints 9-11 underway: 3 issues done, 8 under review, 24 to do/in progress
▶️Groomed sprint 12 
🎬Still working on 3rd of 6 help videos/scripts https://bit.ly/3qRmWEp
📰Blog how GreatAlbum improves Google Photos https://bit.ly/3fWpcrQ
💿Stand up new mySQL server

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

🏃‍♀️Finish Sprint 9 and start Sprint 10
▶️Groom sprints 13-14
🎬Complete 3rd of 6 help videos
▶️Review and submit Google Photos Questionnaire Clarifications
⚽Ramp up my son's soccer team with 10-20 users in a new album

What would you like feedback on from the community?

How clear is this blog at explaining How GreatAlbum makes Google Photos better?

How clear is this video https://youtu.be/-pcqhGkcYAw at explaining how to import Google Photos into a private album? 

Project website


Which of these best describes the stage of your project?

Privately testing with users


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