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Build your Core Family Biography Before GreatAlbum

Created by ErikG on 03-Mar-22
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Build your Core Family Biography Before GreatAlbum

  1. Family with two parents and two kids is super busy, with 5-10 events on a weekly basis
  2. Daughter performs in school play on Wednesday
    1. Mom take pictures 
    2. Mom sends to other parents via Apple Airdrop
    3. Mom texts favorites few to daughter’s grandparents 
    4. Posts favorites to Facebook
    5. Daughter gets from mom, texts to friends
  3. Son plays in school basketball game on Friday
    1. Dad take pictures 
    2. Dad puts them in a Google Photos album
    3. Dad emails the album to other parents and to son’s grandparents
    4. Dad posts favorites to Instagram
    5. Son gets from Google Photos album, texts to friends
  4. Family goes apple picking on Saturday
    1. They all take pictures
    2. Kids share FB/IG/etc.
    3. Parents never get around to creating an album or sharing with anyone - too busy
  5. This repeats itself week after week, across months and years
    1. In an average year, the family takes 20,000 pictures/videos, that represent 100-200 life events, plus lots of random non-event stuff
    2. They somewhat haphazardly share albums or individual photos over and over with
      • Families of each kid’s class, for school related stuff
      • Families of each kid’s sports team
      • Family and friends for other events in the family’s life, like birthdays, entertainment events, vacations, etc.
    3. It’s a big mess that only gets bigger with each passing month/year
  6. Son has a school project in to highlight major events in his life
    1. He can easily think of many events, but wonders which ones he’s not remembering and might want to highlight
    2. He asks Dad to go through his pictures in Google Photos and figure out which ones he might like to use for key events
    3. He asks Mom to go through her pictures in Apple Photos 
    4. Mom and Dad text/email photos that the Son wants to use
    5. It’s a royal pain! 
  7. Daughter is graduating from high school
    1. Parents want to create a slideshow highlighting her 18 years so far
    2. The problem is, between mom and dad, they have 20,000 pictures of her, within their combined collection of 300,000 photos from the last 18 years!!!!
    3. How in the world do they sort through those to create a slideshow of meaningful moments in their life?! 
    4. Xxxxx
  8. Before daughter leaves the nest and goes off to college, she thinks it would be really cool if the family did a movie night to watch highlights of their 18 years together as a family
    1. Again…how do they create a “family movie” pulling from 300,000 parents’ pictures/videos and another 150,000 by the kids? It seems like an impossible task!
    2. Instead, parents and kids sit together and browse through some of the albums they did manage to create in Apple & Google photos
    3. along with some of their FB/IG posts over the years 
    4. and call it night

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