GreatAlbum 0.1.1

Created by ErikG on 21-Nov-20
Updated by ErikG on 09-May-22

GreatAlbum v0.8.0 and GreatSupport v0.8.0 were the very first production releases. They were pretty rough, with lots of bugs and tons of feature gaps. This release v0.8.1 is the result of a 2-week sprint to fix a lot of those bugs and add a lot of minor enhancements. Same is true of GreatSupport v0.8.1 for this help site.

List of Jira issues completed:


  • GA-718 Album > Profile Media - remove debug stmt
  • GA-722 First event shows up 6 times in Album stream & Event Tab
  • GA-723 Album Invitation - Join Album Page - Confusing
  • GA-724 "Add Event" button not working on Album Detail > Event Tab page
  • GA-742 Album > Stories Tab - Add Story button not working


  • GA-497 GA - Who Favorited This Node - Pop-up View
  • GA-496 GA - Who Liked This Node - Pop-up View


  • GA-729 GA - Individual - content type is missing pathauto and option to change path


  • GA-697 GA Media Type - Google Image
  • GA-713 Enable embedding of media into the body of Content nodes using CKeditor
  • GA-719 Album > New Image - Fix destination
  • GA-727 After editing media to add event, I'm taken to admin destination
  • GA-733 Media Images are Duplicated in Album > Media
  • GA-734 When displaying Cover Media, ensure HxW ratios are preserved
  • GA-736 Individual > Media Block - missing some images
  • GA-737 During Display Media, display media width=100%; put title below media
  • GA-760 GA Media - Individual Block show all Individuals, not just the first 5


  • GA-488 GA Document OpenSocial features to be considered for GreatAlbum
  • GA-741 GA - Donate Button (via Paypal)
  • GA-744 GA Update dates to display as dd-mmm-yyyy

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