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How to Tell Personal and Family Stories with Confidence

Created by usha on 14-Jun-20
Updated by admin on 05-Oct-20
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Below is a summary of the 18 Writing Tips highlighted in this 2018 article. To learn more, follow the external link above.

1. Own Your Story
2. Tell Favorite Stories Aloud
3. Make a Time Line of Major Life Events
4. Be Specific
5. Just Start
6. Make a List of Stories to Tell

7. Forget About Chronology
8. Use Memory Triggers
9. Let Your Thoughts Percolate
10. Gather Memories from Other People

11. Use Your Handwriting
12. Write the Way You Speak
13. Don’t Stress about Grammer and Spelling
14. Write in List Form

15. Make It a Regular Practice
16. Keep Multiple Journals
17. Curate Your Own Writing
18. Make Some of Your Stories Permanent

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