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Cheer Your Kid’s Team With GreatAlbum

Created by Seema on 04-Mar-22
Updated by Seema on 04-Mar-22

Build "Cheer Your Kid’s Team" with GreatAlbum

  1. Now when Daughter’s HS soccer team plays a game and mom takes pictures which are uploaded to Apple Photos…
  2. GreatAlbum automatically imports them from Mom’s Apple Photos account and creates an event in Mom’s private GreatAlbum
  3. Mom updates event details and moves it to a new GreatAlbum she creates, called HS Girls Soccer Team
  4. She invites all other families involved with the team to join the album, to see the event and her media
  5. As other parents join Greatalbum, they also give permission for GreatAlbum to import their pictures from Apple and Google photos into their Private Albums
  6. Those parents then select/move their photos the event Mom created in the HS Girls Soccer Team GreatAbum
  7. Some parents even share stories of fun/amazing things that happened in the game
  8. All members of the album are notified any time new events/media are shared in the album
  9. Now they all get to enjoy a broader range of perspectives on each event
  10. They find it significantly easier to share for each event
  11. And they are building a wonderful biography of the HS Girls Soccer Team across seasons and years, making it easy for players/families/fans to browse events and watch highlights of each season

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