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Celebrate a Loved One before GreatAlbum

Created by Seema on 04-Mar-22
Updated by Seema on 04-Mar-22

Build "Celebrate a Loved One" Before GreatAlbum


  1. Host emails family/friends (Contributors) and requests they share stories/media that celebrate the Loved One, perhaps recalling certain experiences together or qualities admired
  2. Over the course of a few weeks, Host trades lots of emails/texts/phone calls with Contributors, reminding them to share, helping them figure out how to share
  3. Contributors email letters/stories to Host
  4. Contributors share media by email, or Apple/Google Photos, Dropbox, etc. 
  5. Host collects stories/letters into a Google/Word Doc, building a memory book
  6. Host collects media into an Album (e.g., Google Photo Album)
  7. Host does the lion’s share of the work collecting, organizing and “publishing” the memory book and photo album
  8. On the celebration date, Host shares memory book and album with Loved One and Contributors
  9. They all get to enjoy and trade comments - in person or via email or text
  10. The memory book and album are done and become static artifacts

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