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2023-03-27 GreatAlbum Update for Pioneer Incubator

Created by ErikG on 27-Mar-23
Updated by ErikG on 28-Mar-23
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117th consecutive weekly update to Pioneer.app

KPIs: Goals & results by March 31st

Weekly active users: 35 of 50
Total active users: 330 of 400
Number of media items: 81,000 of 90,000
Number of content items: 2,560 of 2,600

What are you building in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps groups capture, organize, celebrate and relive their shared experiences, strengthening the relationships that bind them

👉See MassChallenge Early Stage Accelerator App 2023
👉See GreatAlbum Summary for Pitch at Venture Cafe on April 6

Here’s what you planned to do this week:

🚀Draft YC app
🛠Continue Release 0.3.3 - 12 issues
❓Conduct 2-4 user surveys if I feel better🤒
⏩Further refine onboarding process flows
🤞Just get better from this crazy illness 

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

📊Updated KPI charts/article https://bit.ly/3KcLlPb
🚀Completed summary for Venture Cafe Pitch https://bit.ly/3lMFVkO
🛠Continued Release 0.3.3 - Just a few issues yet to deploy
❓Completed 2 user surveys
🤒Finally recovered from 25 day illness, last 12 days in the hospital!, got home Saturday


What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

🚀Draft YC app
🛠Completed Release 0.3.3 
🛠Start Release 0.3.4
❓Conduct 2-4 user surveys if I feel better🤒
⏩Further refine onboarding process flows

What would you like feedback on from the community?

Will you complete our potential user survey https://bit.ly/ga-survey-1?

Project website


Which of these best describes the stage of your project?

Privately testing with users


Pioneer chart is up-to-date. Others are 2 weeks old because of my 12 day illness.


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