GreatAlbum Release 0.2.4

Created by ErikG on 09-May-22
Updated by ErikG on 21-Jun-22
  • GA-1246: GA Media Browser > New Image > Enable multiple-value selection in ER fields
  • GA-1230: Media Edit > ER Fields > Format using Chosen widget, if it can work with AJAX refresh; change ER field order
  • GA-1263: Update GreatAlbum Designs to current APP site, make some improvements
  • GA-1193: Enable Help Blocks and ensure they appear in the right places
  • GA-1214: Review the if we still need custom submission callbacks
  • GA-1192: Links within certain activity messages are broken
  • GA-1234: Account Settings > Require admin approval until ReCaptcha is enabled; require email verification; delete spam accounts
  • GA-1245: New Event > Email Notification to Group Members
  • GA-1261: Install filenames transliteration and responsive favicon module on HELP site

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