GreatAlbum Web

GreatAlbum Release 0.5.1

Stories in this sprint

  • GA-1273: Album > Events Tab > Change from pagination to infinite scroll
  • GA-1277: Display Event > Merge Event A with Event B - pt 1: Convert Move button to actions
  • GA-1282: Event > Media tab > Bulk add/remove media to/from the Event
  • GA-1283: Admin > People > Weekly Active User Counter View
  • GA-1285: Account Settings > email verification for user registration

GreatAlbum Release 0.5.0

New minor release because of the auto-create event functionality (formerly called media cluster recognition)

  • GA-1268: MCR > Update Figma Design
  • GA-1180: Integrate the MCR module to the new site
  • GA-1269: MCR > Notification
  • GA-129: User > Login > create new Activity; send email notification to Admin user 
  • GA-1218: Event -> Media: Media list is hiding with JavaScript

GreatAlbum Release 0.3.0

New minor release, because we reworked the notifications system for Google Photos import process.

  • Implement design changes for full page display for Google Photo (GA-1258) and Remote Video (GA-1259)
  • Implement design changes to edit forms for Google Photo (GA-1244) and Remote Video (GA-1260)
  • Reformat email sent by Google Photos Import batch process (GA-1223)
  • Update group invitation email (GA-1243)

GreatAlbum Release 0.2.4

  • GA-1246: GA Media Browser > New Image > Enable multiple-value selection in ER fields
  • GA-1230: Media Edit > ER Fields > Format using Chosen widget, if it can work with AJAX refresh; change ER field order
  • GA-1263: Update GreatAlbum Designs to current APP site, make some improvements
  • GA-1193: Enable Help Blocks and ensure they appear in the right places
  • GA-1214: Review the if we still need custom submission callbacks
  • GA-1192: Links within certain activity messages are broken
  • GA-1234: Account Settings > Require ad

GreatAlbum 0.2.2 Release

Issues Completed

  • GA-1212: Added GreatAlbum favicon icon  
  • GA-1217: Fixed display of Event Display > Articles tab  
  • GA-1221: Fixed display of Group Edit form 
  • GA-1227: Move Event function > completed first part that generates a pop-up window and allows user to select destination Album and update Event's group (foreground) and create queue for Media updates (background)
  • GA-1232: Update Designs for Google Photos Import Screens per Google Photos UX Guidelines