GreatAlbum Release 0.4.0

Created by ErikG on 23-May-22
Updated by ErikG on 06-Jun-22

This is a new minor release , because we're implementing new design changes to meet the Google Photos UX Requirements, which we need to become a fully active member in the Google Photos Partner Program. 

  • GA-1264: User > Register > create new Activity; send email notification to Admin user
  • GA-1255: Add/Edit [Album/Content] > Select Cover/Profile Media > Media Entity Browser > Select Existing Media > Should display existing only in that album, newest to oldest
  • GA-1256: Albums/My > Should include all albums I am a member of, not just ones I created
  • GA-1262: Album Display > Group Operations Menu > Make first menu item "Actions" like is it in Manage Members tab
  • GA-1228: Google Photos Import > Implement new design
  • GA-1234: Account Settings > Require ReCaptcha and email verification for user registration
  • GA-1265: Google Photos Import > Implement new design for google buttons
  • GA-1266: Google Photos Import > Implement new design > Put the import buttons to a Media tab for Album, Event, Article
  • GA-1267: Google Photos Import > Implement google button styles
  • GA-1231: Google photo imported: add support for .HEIC and .WEBP

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