917 Topic View > The Topic Type is displayed instead of Album title (Album icon)

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to the album
2. Press on Topics tab
3. Validate the text next to the Album icon

Expected Result: The Album title is displayed.
Actual Result: The Topic type is displayed.

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916 User/#/events > events of other users are displayed in the user profile

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Steps to reproduce the bug:
1. Go to the user/#/events
2. Scroll down
3. Validate the events

Expected Result: Events belonging only to the current user are displayed.
Actual Result: After scrolling down, the events belonging to other users are displayed.

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912 Event Edit > Add All Day checkbox that blanks out times

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When creating/editing an event, there should be a checkbox for "All Day Event" which blanks out the Start and End Times.

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