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Created by admin on 25-Sep-20
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This topic covers a number of features, including registration, update and view user profile, as well as view another user's content and activities. 

GreatAlbum Registration - To start using the GreatAlbum app, you have to register. There are four different ways you can register. Register with Email/Password means you will have email/password unique to this site. Register with Apple/Facebook/Google means you will use those credentials and related email address.  

  1. Register with Email and Password
  2. Register using your Apple Account
  3. Register using your Facebook account
  4. Register using your Google account

GreatAlbum User Profile - This will show your cover and profile photos, User details including the number of Activity points on the right side.  After the User Details will be a listing of Albums and all content (Stories, Events, Places, Individuals, Media and Discussions). There are additional tabs available to see:

  1. Connected Accounts - FaceBook, Google or AppleID
  2. Activities - listing all all create, updates, views, likes, and favorites that you have completed

Your User Profile can also be updated by clicking on Edit tab.

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