GreatAlbum 0.1.2

Created by ErikG on 12-Feb-21
Updated by ErikG on 09-May-22

This was our second release during the Private Beta.

Global Nav/Sidebars/Home

  • GA-763  Activity Log - Create Images Missing Details
  • GA-773 Global Nav > User Profile should have a name along with the profile
  • GA-776 Search Bar can be implemented on the top of the right sidebar
  • GA-777 Current home becomes "Tiles" tab; new "Discuss" tab shows single column tiles, with Comments shown and Discussions attached below and expandable, like in wireframes
  • GA-786 Story appearing up twice


  • GA-542  Entity Group Field - easily change content/entity association with one or more albums(groups) for Individual Content Type
  • GA-787 View - Some images appearing twice


  • GA-728 While Uploading Individual Profile Media, activity should include Album name
  • GA-735 Individual > Add Cover & Profile Media - ensure they become related media
  • GA-743  Media Type - Google Doc
  • GA-754 Media Browser > Select media - sort newest to oldest; show media in that album (not by current user)
  • GA-756  Discussion - During Display Discussion, show Body and Edit pencil icon
  • GA-759  Media - if Title is blank, set it to: YYYY-MM-DD Media {MEID}
  • GA-779  Media Type - Document


  • GA-765  Album Stories tab - Add Stories button - link error
  • GA-788  Story - during Display Media, click Add Story, populate story, click save --> Error


  • GA-755  User Display - include block to display related Individual(s)
  • GA-757 Individual Views - tiles should display Profile Media, not Cover Media


  • GA-767 Add Event > fix destination


  • GA-766  Album Discussion - Add Discussion button does not have the correct link


  • GA-693 Enable on Content types; Disable/hide Title; style their display


  • GA-775 Sidebar Activity Block - show activities based on user/group permissions


  • GA-674  Content Types - During edit, show blocks for Author Info & Promotion (Sticky only)
  • GA-746  Global Nav - Move to *new* left sidebar; Replace Menus with Icons
  • GA-747  CKEditor - enable links to other content
  • GA-752  CKEditor > enable emojis
  • GA-764  Add discussion icon & counter to tell me how many discussions/comments exist for each tile on the home view
  • GA-783  User password reset encountered error


  • GA-707 DevOps - Review current GA DevOps process; propose improvements
  • GA-761 Issues/Efforts in pushing updates to Live sites; maintaining Live Sites; Refreshing DEV









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