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Create Individual

Created by usha on 30-May-20
Updated by usha on 05-Nov-20

Create Individuals and Related Contents, Create new Related Contents.

To create Individual fill out the details First Name, Last Name, register user, Media Cover and Media Profile, Individual Description.

You can create a Story from the following places:

1. Create Individual from Album Side block (Add Individual)

2. Create Individual from Album  Individual Tab

3. Create Individual from each related content types (Event, StoryPlace, DiscussionMedia).

Create Individual from Album Side Block (Add Individual)






Create Individual from Album Tabs

When you are inside the Album can click on Individuals Tab you can find an Add Individual Button below and click for Individual form to appear.








Create Story from inside any content types (creating/editing Event, StoryDiscussionPlaceMedia)

You can create an individual inside any of the content types mentioned above. For example after you Create Event for your album you can go into the event detail and Add Individual associated to it.


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